What are those rabbits doing?

Did you check the Japanese google doodle today?

Look at those rabbits
They are pounding mochi rice cakes

Today is Jugo-ya(十五夜), the night of the 15th day of the eighth month
in the lunar calendar

The moon you can see on Jugo-ya is called


which means "Mid-Autumn full moon".

It is said the full moon at this time of the year looks especially beautiful,
so people view and admire the moon on this day
And also, people decorate with Japanese silver grasses(ススキ) and offer rice dumplings(団子) in appreciation for the harvest of grains.
This custome is called Otsukimi(お月見)/Tsukimi(月見).

Oh, the relation between moon and rabbits?
In Japan, it is said that there are rabbits on the moon.
This is because the shape of the lunar crater looks like a rabbit!
And there is one old Japanese folklore about the moon rabbit...

Can you see and find rabbits in the moon?