Private Lesson

From daily to business conversation,
we teach Japanese in accordance
to your purpose!

Private Lesson

Starting Period

You can start lessons anytime.

Course Length・Qualifications

From 1 month

Over 18 year-old personnel holding a valid visa

Flexible Curriculum!

We will have a consultation session before starting lessons to hear your needs and goals. Then, we create a custom lesson curriculum just for you.
According to your needs and requests, we will keep the curriculum updated so that we can provide a best lesson for you.

Lesson hours and times

You can choose 60 minutes lesson
or 90 minutes lesson.

Lessons are available from
4 lessons per month.

*After the consultation, we will set a specific lesson date and time.

Lesson Price

*Include sales taxs.
*The actual costs will be charged for materials.
Entrance fee 11,000 yen
60 minutes lesson

3,300 yen / lesson

【Payment example】
4 lessons / month: 13,200 yen
5 lessons / month: 16,500 yen

90 minutes lesson

4,950 yen / lesson

【Payment exapmle】
4 lessons / month: 19,800 yen
5 lessons / month: 24,750 yen