Accademic Japanese Course 

【Application Period】


Application Period Apply for COE Result
Payment Period
April LAST Augnst - October LAST December February March
October February - May June August September

【Steps to Admission】

Apply to GGA Submit all the application documents
Screening GGA will do a screening test of the applicants
Notice of Acceptance/Failure
Apply for a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) GGA will apply for Certificate of Eligibility (COE) at Immigration Services Agency on
your behalf.
Notification of COE result
Pay Tuition and Fees Make a bank transfer payment for tuition and fees to the designated account.
Send COE and Letter of Acceptance After we've confirmed your payments, we will send you the documents such as
your Certificate of Eligibility and Letter of Acceptance.
Apply for a visa Go to the Japanese Embassy/Consulate nearby with the necessary documents
such as Certificate of Eligibility, Letter of Acceptance and passport in order to apply
for a Visa.
Arrive in Japan
Enter GGA

Flexible Course / Business Japanese / Private Lesson / Short-term Programム ※現在有効なビザをお持ちの方、短期滞在ビザ取得予定の方

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There is a little difference by a course, but a rough flow is as follows.

Contact us
Counceling Discuss about your target, schedule, period etc.
Submit Application form
Enter GGA