Accademic Japanese

Master four skills of Japanese language,
"Speking, Listening, Reading, Writing"
with the aim to proceed to university,
graduate school, or vocational school
in Japan.

Long-term Course

Admission Month・Course Duration

April : 2 years

October : 1 year 6 months

Qualification for Application

  1. Must be age over 18 at the time of entrance
  2. Must have completed 12 years of general school education in foreign countries other than Japan by the end of March/September of the expected year and month of entrance.
  3. Must have a reliable financial sponsor.
  4. Must have studied Japanese for a minimum of 150 hrs and have also acquired a Japanese language skill level equivalent to N5 level or higher on the JLPT.

 Exams and Academic Career Support

  • In order to get a higher score in JLPT or EJU, we give test-preparation lessons.
    Aiming to pass every students' first-choice university, we offer an academic career guidance or  individual career support.

Class Hours

From Monday to Friday
(5 days/week)

Morning class 9:00~12:15
Afternoon class 13:00~16:15

*Class will be assigned by
a result of placement test.


※1 year 6 months : Beginer I ~ Advanced Ⅰ
※2 years : Beginer Ⅰ ~ Advanced Ⅲ
Beginner Ⅰ Can have an exchange of short and simple conversation in familiar daily life setting. Can understand and produce short text on the topic of personal and family information.
Beginner Ⅱ Can exchange information on his/her daily life and familiar social issue. Can understand and produce the simple description of familiar interest and the simple opinion text.
Can understand commonly used Japanese in everyday life and deal with various situations likely to arise in familiar daily life settings. Can understand connected text on topics of familiar society. Can produce simple description of cause and effect relationship and state his/her opinion.
Intermediate Ⅰ Can deal with most situations likely to arise in everyday life and familiar society. Can understand logical writings which include social/technical knowledge and express opinions with reasons.
Intermediate Ⅱ Can understand and smoothly deal with the various Japanese which is used in the general public. Can understand logical Japanese and discuss with classmates.  Can produce legitimate text. 
Advanced Ⅰ Can understand the various Japanese which is used in the public at large and deal with those topics in fluent Japanese. Can understand the text including the specialized area as well as abstract topics. 
Advanced Ⅱ Can use language flexibly and effectively depending on purpose, situation, and who he/she is talking to. Can understand various long text such as news or novels. Can compose logical text on the topics including technical knowledge and state his/her opinion.
Advanced Ⅲ Can gather and organize information with wide range of Japanese text based on the point/fact and express him/herself fluently. Can use natural Japanese expressions while recognizing the subtle difference in meaning in complex situations.

 Tuition and Fees First year

※Include sales taxs.
2-year course 1-year 6 months course
Application fees 22,000 yen 22,000 yen
Entrance fees 55,000 yen 55,000 yen
Tuition 660,000 yen 660,000 yen
Materials Fee,
Facility Fee etc.
90,750 yen 90,750 yen

Tuition and Fees Second year

※Include sales taxs.
2-year course 1-year 6 months course
Tuition 660,000 yen 330,000 yen
Materials Fee,
Facility Fee etc.
79,750 yen 39,875 yen